4 Steps to Build Brand Trust Using Social Media

A lot of businesses thing of social media as nothing more than a platform to promote products and content, but it’s much more than that.  Of course you can use platforms like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter for promotion, but an even more important aspect of social media is the ability to engage in two way communication with your potential prospects and customers and serves to build brand trust.

Interactions on social media serve to build rapport, credibility, and trust between your business and your customers and prospects and they help to create a community around your brand.

In essence, social media helps to build brand trust.

Building brand trust is important because it helps you to develop a deeper relationship with your customers, encourages repeat purchases, and provides more referrals, but having that visible community also offers social proof to prospects.

So how can you use popular social media platforms to build brand trust with your prospects and customers?

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