2016 Link Building Strategies That Will Kill Your SEO

SEO strategies and 2016 link building strategies continue to evolve with every search engine algorithm change, but one one hard and fast rule still remains. You must have lots of backlinks from high quality resources to earn significant rankings in search indexes.

Backlinks have been around as a third-party validation for the authority, credibility, and trustworthiness of a website or page, pretty much since the beginning.  You know that if there are hundreds of sites with links pointing back to a website or page, then that site is clearly worth visiting.  The same holds true for your website and your target market, and search engines know it.  That’s why they place so much importance on backlinks in their algorithms.

As a matter of fact, Google has actually confirmed that inbound links, or backlinks, are one of the top two ranking factors in their search algorithm.

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